Intelligent Lighting Installers.

No longer light years away.

Design-led, intelligent and beautiful. Lighting can enhance your homes design, mood and ambience instantly. Using simple automated features that can be controlled from any location.

Ramp up the possibilities.

We can install intelligent lighting systems that will light up your home automatically or trigger light sequences. Working alongside motion sensors our intelligent, lighting control systems allow you to manage and automate lights in your home environment to suit your needs.

Ambient and secure.

From turning all the lights off at once to creating colourful atmospheric lighting, we can create exactly the right ambience to suit your mood. Lighting can also provide essential added security when away from home by imitating your home routines.

Tradition combined with innovation.

Whether it’s high-end futuristic stuff you seek or something more simplistic to make your home management easier, we work with you to select the right solutions, based on your, performance expectations, lighting design tastes and budget.

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