Essential considerations when designing a home cinema.

Shh, it’s a blockbuster!

Why pay outrageous prices for popcorn to listen to others rustling sweet wrappers in a stuffy, often grubby cinema when you could do it all from the comfort of your own home?


designing a home cinema

As home cinema design continues to advance, the opportunity of having a home cinema is becoming increasingly appealing. Whether you want to roll out the red-carpet treatment for a group of friends or enjoy the latest sports event, today’s installations can be tailored to your entertaining space whether al fresco, multi-purpose or a dedicated theatre room.

Here are some essential considerations when designing a home cinema.

Visual Aspects: A key consideration in design is the size and aspect ratio of the screen. Often, we find the biggest screen is not always the best, and there are specific calculations which ensure the ultimate visual experience for the space available. When specifying the aspect ratio of both screen and projector it is essential to avoid the classic black bars often found when viewing films on a widescreen TV, this can be overcome by using equipment suitable for both TV and film.

Immersive Sound: With the current move towards more immersive surround formats that incorporate twelve speakers or more it has become ever more important to integrate and hide them into walls and ceilings. Room sound treatment is often overlooked, but when designing a cinema, this is equally as important as speaker selection in delivering the best sound experience. Both of these elements can be completely concealed behind stretched fabric walls and ceilings.

Cinema Comfort: Whatever your preference, your home cinema should be way more comfortable than the regular multiplex. Enhancements include bespoke seating, automated lighting and climate control, all operated from a single touch of a button or iPad.

Content Sources: As we move away from Blu-ray discs towards streaming services from Sky Q, Netflix and Amazon the key is to ensure your system offers flexibility that’s mindful of current and future content sources.

With multiple opportunities now presented, designing a flexible home cinema experience is exciting, but to design the home cinema of your dreams hiring an automation specialist like AV Synergy is essential. Contact us for a free consultation.